Get To Know the Aegis Family 

Regina Frankeny

HR & Financial Services Manager


(281) 305-4222

University of Houston

Regina’s life started right here in Texas, having been born in Houston. After a wonderful childhood, she graduated from Tomball High School, where she met the man with whom she would spend her life, and then went on to earn a B.S. degree in Pure Mathematics from the University of Houston. While in college, she married that man, Kevin Frankeny, and, so far, they have spent 40 happy years together.

After a brief stint with the local power company, Regina used her degree mostly just to count her four children, having been fortunate enough to be a “stay‐at‐home” mom for most of their younger years. When the children started making college plans, she went to work as a high school Math Teacher, teaching Algebra and Geometry to many Conroe High School students. Then when Kevin’s job required them to move, they spent nearly 8 years living “abroad” in Indiana before being able to return to their beloved Texas.

Now approaching their golden years, both Regina and her husband were invited to work at their older son’s company, Aegis Appraisals, Inc., where she puts her degree to work in the company’s accounting department. When she is not working, she can usually be found doing Sudoku puzzles.